Docs Wimpy Dusti
Dusti as a 3 year old.
Dusti as a 2 year old.
Dusti as a yearling.
Dusti as a weanling.
These pics were taken of
Dusti October 1st and 2nd,
2006. She has finished up
her trail riding and was an
amazing performance  
prospect. But with time and
money constraints we will
just be putting her into the
broodmare band next year.
We look forward to seeing
what awesome foals that she
can produce for us!
Docs Caramel Star(Taffy) 2008
Buckskin Filly Sired by
Peppy Ace
Dusti's Foals
Dusti 2011
Dusti 2015
Dustis Caramel Star(Carmel) 2010 Bay
Filly(Deceased) Sired by
Doc's Peppy Ace
Luckys Dusty Cowgirl 2012 Buckskin Filly
Sired by Luckys Raindance Kid
Hancocks Indigo Blue 2016  Bay Roan Filly
with a blue eye.
Sired by Joe Hancock Traced