More Info About Rat Terriers

** Rat Terriers are one of the most intelligent breeds of canines and are loyal to a fault and in many
instances give their lives to protect those that they love. They are easily trained for conformation,
obedience and as working, herding and hunting dogs.

** Their disposition makes them a wonderful companion. Rat Terriers make wonderful pets for the
elderly as they are content to lay at your feet or next to you all day every day. They make superb pets for
children as they can play endlessly and they have a natural instinct to protect young children, many times
pulling them out of harm's way. They make great companions for any age with their comical facial
expressions and their willingness to learn and their keen spirit to please those around them.

** Rat Terriers are not yappy dogs but can be vocal if they sense there is trouble or when a stranger is
around. They however are very social and once they find that their owners approve of the stranger they
will be the first to meet them at the door.

** Rat Terriers were thought once to be a "Hunting" type dog but has gained popularity over the last 10
years as being one of the top on the list for companion and working dogs. Rat Terriers are now being
shown, kept as companions, used as herding dogs, narcotic dogs and in the field of search and rescue and
of course they can still track a deer, run a fox and rabbit into the ground and tree a squirrel.

** A Rat Terrier can fit into any social class and come out on top and be the life of the party. A Rat
Terrier owner is a proud owner.

** Rat Terriers are one of the healthiest breed of canines with few health issues to date. They are a small
dog, short coated, easy to take care of, and genetically sound. The dog has a natural slick satin coat that
is extrememly easy to care for. The breed requires very little grooming and can survive in just about any
climate, from extreme cold to hot temperatures. Rat Terriers make excellent indoor as well as outdoor

History of the Rat Terrier - taken from the UKC Website
The Rat Terrier is an American breed descended from the terriers brought over by English miners and
other working class immigrants. These terriers probably included crosses between the Smooth Fox
Terrier, the Manchester Terrier and the now extinct white English Terrier. These dogs were used as
ratters, and gambling on their prowess in killing rats was a favorite hobby of their owners. Some of these
dogs were crossed with Whippets or Italian Greyhounds (for speed) and Beagles (for hunting ability).
Eventually, these tough little terriers evolved into today's Rat Terrier. The breed was popularized by
President Teddy Roosevelt, who frequently hunted with his Rat Terriers. Many are still used as ratters and
squirrel hunters, particularly in the South, where they are sometimes known as "Feists."

Characteristics -taken from the UKC Website
The Rat Terrier is an energetic, alert dog whose curiosity and intelligence make him easy to train. The Rat
Terrier has sometimes been described as having a dual personality. He is a fearless, tenacious hunter with
seemingly unlimited energy. When he is not hunting, however, the Rat Terrier is an exceptionally friendly
companion, getting along well with children, other dogs, and even cats. Rat Terriers enjoy human
companionship immensely and will enthusiastically share any activity with their owners.