2002 Colts
Senor Doc Solano
Buttermilk Buckskin Stallion born
March 6 by
Doc's Peppy Ann and
Senor Solano.
Sold to Barry of
Luckys Lil Sierra
Palomino Filly born March 8 by King
Kissabar Starlet(deceased) and
Lucky's Raindance Kid. She was
orphaned at 3 days old.
Sold to Craig
of Pontotoc, MS
Ladys Baby Doc
Sorrel Filly born March 22 by
Olees Lady Doc(Sold) and
Raindance Kid. Sold to Raymond of
Lucky Genuine Cowboy
Palomino Stallion born March 29 by
Dizzy Bam(deceased) and
Raindance Kid. Sold to Jeff Still of
Peppys Cool Kit
Sorrel Stallion born March 30 by Danas
Dame and Peppy April Cool. Has two
stockings, one sock, and a star and snip
in the face.
Sold to Kristen of Alabama.
Docs Peppy Ace
Black Stallion born March 31 by
Dell and Black to Basics. He is a Doc's
Oak bred on the bottom. . We are
keeping him for a future stallion prospect.
Ima Peppy Outlaw
Palomino Stallion born May 8 by
Little Peppy Cara and Luckys
Raindance Kid. Has one stocking,
one sock, and a blaze.
Sold to Lori
Dotson of Alabama.
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12-22-06 Ok. Pages are somewhat better every year
that goes by, I guess I will get it figured out. I thought
you all might like to see these old pics.
This is now one of our
main riding geldings!
This is now one of our
This is now one of our
main riding geldings!