Dudes Gold N Chrome
Grandson of AQHA
Champion and Hall of
Fame member-Blondy's
Four white stockings
Mostly colored foals. Check out his pic
page for pictures and info on these
Excellent Conformation
with a gentle disposition.
This stallions pedigree speaks for itself. He is a own son of Dudes Silver Son(AQHA
Performance ROM earner, PHBA halter and performance point earner: totaling over 160
points earned in both Halter and Performance). Dude is also a grandson of
Dude(AQHA Hall of Fame, AQHA Champion, ROM, AQHA Point Earner, sire of AQHA Supreme
Champions and Superior Performers).
He also has Two Eyed Jack (AQHA Hall of Fame,
Superior Performer, AQHA Champion, ROM, Sire of World Champions and #2 leading sire of
AQHA Point earners)
and Boston Mac(Superior Halter, ROM Performance, Race money earner,
sire of World Champion Offspring, Superior Halter and Performace offspring, AQHA Champions)

We first laid eyes on Dude when he was just a few days old standing in a stall at a
breeding facility. I asked the stallion owner who that gorgeous colt belonged to and he
said he was not for sale and that I could just breed my mare and get my own just like
him. I tried but unfortunately, the stallion was 25+ years old had become sterile and I
never got that mare in foal. I was devastated.  Later on that fall, I went to buy a filly at
another farm and low and behold, who do I see running around the pasture chasing his
momma-- some certain choclately palomino colt with four stockings! I nearly died trying
to NOT look like I was staring at him. I inquired again if I could purchase this colt and
this time I was told YES! I brought him home and immediatley fell in love. Later on that
year and Dude's yearling year, I showed him at halter in a couple of shows and won first
place both times.(Of course I have no experience myself with showing so it was quite a
learning lesson but the judges didn't fault Dude for my mistakes:) He learned so quickly
and nothing seemed to faze him. He seemed to bask in all the attention. In 2003, Dude
was ridden for about 60 days, and he acted the same as always, very accepting of it and
loving the attention.
Dude's sire,
Dudes Silver Son, was a massive horse. Big boned, stood about 15.2 and
weighed in around 1300 lbs even in his old age. Dude's dam,
Lil Boston Jackie, is built
like an old timey "bulldog" type horse and stands about 14.3 and probably weighs around
#1,250 lbs. Dude is built alot like her(only taller about 15.1) with a mind and heart like
his sire. On top of that he is very calm and gentle and willing to please.
Since riding Dude, I anxiously awaited the time when I could raise a foal off of him
myself so that I could see if his offspring are as wonderful as he is. Guess what? His
first  2004 foal, a filly, is almost an exact copy of him in color, conformation, and ability.
When we got her back from 30 days of riding the trainers were even shooting guns off of
her, dragging things behind her, and letting kids ride her. Each year, Dude has produced
some amazing babies and they are usually the first ones sold. They speak for themselves.
Just take a look and you will see that they have that eye-catching quality that folks just
can't pass up!!
2001 Palomino Stallion
AQHA# 4095706
Blondys Dude was an AQHA Champion and Hall of Fame member, All Time leading sire of AQHA
Champions(30) and 4th all time leading broodmare sire of AQHA Champions. Blondys Dude get
have earned more than 10,000 AQHA points , 128 ROM's, 36 Superiors, $630,000 won within NRHA,
and $21,000 won within NCHA earnings.
His oldest foal, a 2004 filly, is almost an exact copy of him in color, conformation, and
ability. After  30 days of riding and she did wonderfully. So did so well that the trainers were
even shooting guns off of her, dragging things behind her, and letting kids ride her.  That
says more than anything else I have written here.
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