We bought Joe in September of 2001 because of our inability to find a roan stallion to
breed to that had good close up bloodlines located in the Southeast. Joe is a son of
. That means he is a grandson of Blue Valentine(Superior Performance and Rodeo
and he is also a great grandson of Poco Bueno(AQHA Hall of Fame, AQHA Champion,
ROM in Performance, sire of AQHA Superior Performers, World Champions, Hall of Famers, and
NCHA money earners)
! I saw Joe advertised on the internet, but he was priced so high that
we couldn't even begin to think about buying him. I did email his owner to tell him that
we loved him and if we ever had the funds we would want to come and see him. Months
later the guy emailed me back, he and his wife were expecting their first child and Joe
had to be sold to help pay for an addition to their home. So happily, we went to Missouri
to look at  him. He was exactly what we wanted and and we brought him home to
Since then he has gained
alot of weight, and put on alot of width. Before we owned him,
he had always run in a pasture environment and kept himself wore down to the base
amount. When we got him home and started stalling him, it was interesting to say the
least, but over time, he accepted it and after the first year, he has become quiet as a
mouse. Since he has leared that the ladies now come to him and not vice versa, he has
gained weight. He is thick, thick, thick and has a huge rump and wide chest.
He had been roped off of at the feed lot where he was raised in Nebraska, but did sustain
some kinda injury to his right front foot right above his coronary band. There is a knot
there and he will occassionally be lame on it if you don't keep him trimmed. As you can
see he has white on every foot and his colts either tend to have four whites or none at
all.  He is calm and gentle and loves to be petted. He is the one that all the kids like to
groom and care for because he stands so still and moves slowly when asked.
He produces almost completely all roan foals off of solid colored mares. These colts were
off of sorrels, bays, blacks, browns, and a palomino mares.  We have kept several fillies
back off of him, because he out-produces the other stallions when producing fillies, and
we want to have some of his offspring in our breeding program for years to come. His
foals are far superior to other foals, Take a look and see for yourself.
Gorgeous Roan
Throws 90% Roans
off of any color
99% NFQHA Registered-
Not many higher than that!
As of 10-18-05 Joe has produced 38 foals: 21 of them have been either bay roan, red roan, or
blue roans.
NONE OF THESE FOALS ARE OFF OF ROAN MARES. They are getting their color
from their sire. All of them are by bay or sorrel mares. Plus everytime that he is crossed to a
palomino or buckskin mare he throws a palomino or buckskin foal.  Out of all of his foals only 3
have been bay and 5 sorrel. Talk about a color procucer!! That almost 90% colored babies off
of sorrel, bay and palomino mares.
25% Blue Valentine and
15% Joe Hancock bred.
Joe's babies have the best personality that you will find. They are super quiet, easy to handle,
halter break like a pro, and then ride like a dream. If you want a foal that you can do anything
with, Joe's the sire that you need to be looking at.
Check out pics of a two year old gelding by him that is already being ridden in rodeo events by a 13 year
old girl!
Joe has produced World Champions and several money earners in Cowboy Mounted Shooting and
also has offspring that are placing their owners in the money in working ranch horse, ranch rodeo,
barrel racing, obstacle courses, et.....