The following pics were taken Memorial Day weekend 2005 at Buffalo Creek Campground In TN. We had a
blast.Introduced our friend Nathan, into the fun of trail riding and he fell in love with Cowboy. Looking forward to the
rest of riding season.
A little brother rivalry between
Wes and Cody.
Wes N Hollywood
Jeff Still on far left, Wes in middle,
and Cody on right.
Our friend, Nathan N
Cowboy doing great in the
See Ya Later! Wes N Candi
Candi N Laredo
The following pics are from Labor Day 2005. They were taken at Buffalo River Campground in TN. We took my two
nephews Chad and Caleb. Everyone had a BLAST!
Candi on Cowboy and Wesley on
Looks like Cisco needs to grow a
little taller so that Wes's boots don't
get wet.
Who says that girls don't enjoy riding???
That's Chas in front, followed by me, Dean, and
My nephew Chad, having a great
time crossing the Green River on
Proof that Luckys Raindance Kid produces some
fine trail mounts. That's Candi on Cowboy and Wes
on Cisco both sired by Lucky.
My nephew Caleb crossing his first river. Old
Beam (age 23) is taking care of a new
The following pics were taken October 21st and 22nd 2005 at the Long C Trail ride in Westmoreland, TN. The most beautiful
trails we have ever been on.
Candi N Laredo with Wes N Cisco.
Our good friends Harlan and Brenda
Cody trick riding on Spook!
What a beautiful place. Wes and
Candi on Cisco and Laredo.
The men and their mules!
That's Jeff Still and Harlan
Wes on Cisco riding by the creek.
The following pics were taken Memorial Day Weekend 2006 at Buffalo River Trail Ride in TN. We had some great friends
along on this ride as well and really enjoyed the time we got to spend together!
Wes on Cisco. He has really started
growing and is going to be an awesome
My 11 year old nephew Caleb has
graduated up to a new horse and loves it.
He is now riding Cowboy and they make
a great pair.
Amy Zeng in front. Followed by Judy, and Debbie.
Far left is Kris, another friend. Girls just wanta
have fun!
This is Dianne Lipham. First of all a great
friend and then repeat customer, and also
our new horse trainer. She is riding a two
year old off of
Joe Hancock Traced that
she is getting ready for her kids to ride.
Wes and Cody riding double on
Hollywood. Another rider's
horse got sick miles from camp,
so Cody let this person ride his
horse and he rode out with Wes.
What a gentleman.
Dianne on Joker up front and Darren on
Toby in the back. Don't they look like
they are having fun riding the river;)
The following pics were taken June 2006 at Buffalo River Trail Ride in TN. We took our family for a camping- riding vacation
and they loved it! We have been back twice since and plan to make it a routine trip for us all.
Far left is my nephew Chad on Hollywood, then my bro
in law Eddie on Spook, then my bro in law Dave on
Cowboy and finally Wes on Laredo.
See ya later, boys!
The following pics were taken August 2006 in South Fork, Colorado. Wes and I had the opportunity to go and enjoy the cool
weather and ride a few times and loved it. Although we left a day early to come home cause their's no place like it!..
On the way home we stopped in Amarillo, TX to visit the
AQHA headquarters.
Just a couple pics of Wes and I at a two different lookouts.
Both were about 12,500 feet up. It was 45-55 degrees in
Just some trail riding pics in a huge meadow.
You'll have to excuse Wes's pic taking of me on the left. On our second ride,
neither one of our mounts wanted to stop so we had to take pics on the go.
Of course they put me on the biggest horse they had in the
remuda. He was a super mount though and his name was
Milkshake.  I would have brought him home if Wes would
have let me;)
This pic is just to illustrate how HUGE everything is out
there. Wes really wasn't too far behind me, but if your not
careful you just nearly lose him in the size of the sky and
There were wildflowers everywhere and I was so amazed
the whole trip. Things were so clear and bright. You can't
really get a true pic of the colors but this is close.
This is Wes on his mount, Eddy.
"Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride!
This page is very photo intensive! Lots of pics of us
and our trail riding friends. Please be patient and if all
pics don't load at first, keep hitting the refresh button,
until they do.
Trail Riding(or just fun-ing around) Pics!!
The following pics were taken October 19-23, 2006 at Long C Trails in Westmoreland, TN. The
fall leave colors were GORGEOUS!!         Wes rode Cisco and I rode Laredo, our main mounts.
As you can see the most of the Back Country Trail Riders were present at this ride. We had alot
of fun and plan to make it a yearly trip!
Group Pic of the Back Country Trail
Jeff and Sonya Still. Aren't they cute;)
Frank looks like he's scared to
come down this little hill!
What a great family! Thats Brian,
DeAnn, and Kaleb Goodwin.
"The Cowboy" That's Cody on
faithful old Spook.
When Kaleb's mount was sore, Spook
stepped up and hauled both Cody and
Kaleb all day long. What a tough old nut
he is.  Not many out there you would trust
to do this.
More Love Bugs. This is Harlan
and Brenda Baker- some great
friends of ours!
The following pics were taken August 30- Sept 4, 2006 at Buffalo River Trail Ride, Waynesboro
TN. This is the one ride a year that Wes and I love above all else. The friends and atmosphere are
Candi and Rowdy on their first big
outing together. He did good for a
Wes N Cisco out in the deep water
A good match, my 11 year old nephew
Caleb and Lucky Genuine Cowboy.
My nephew Chad and I riding Sonnys
Rowdy Bar(Rowdy) and Ropers Skip
Gal(Skip). Lots of water and they did great.
Skip is a new addition to our mare band.
Taxi service;)  These boys ride all day long in those
buddy seats and love every minute of it!!!
Up and Ready to go the next day. Wish I felt that good;)
Rowdy and I coming through some
deep water. Don't know what I am
looking at but Rowdy looks
determined to get to the hard
Thought this was a cool pic. Caleb and
some other boys playing in the water.
Break time. The young'uns made
a mud slide on a hillside and had
the most fun sliding down it!
The whole gang. This is Darren and Dianne
Lipham and their whole bunch. What a group!
We love ya'll!
Pretty good pic of Rowdy and I.
Break time for the boys.
This is what 5 days of camping out
does for you. TV withdrawel. Yep,
that's 12 folks looking at a laptop
The following pics were taken December 16, 2006 at Bar L Quarter Horses in Lynchburg, TN. Just just fun pics of the
kids riding and having a good time. For some reason my pics didn't turn out so well at the indoor rodeo but the ones
taken outside did great!
This is Logan Brown and her new riding buddy, Hollywood. They are making quite the pair and we
hope to see them excel at the rodeo events. You Go Girl!
This is Lindsey Lipham and her riding buddy, Joker. He is a 2 year old gelding by Joe Hancock
Traced. She sure loves this horse;)
This is Taylor Brown and his riding
buddy, Peppys Lil Cheyenne. A 4 year
old filly by our mare,
Docs Peppy
Ann. She has had about 8 months of
riding now and they are a awesome
pair. Good luck to them in their rodeo
Isn't it great to see young kids
enjoying themselves on
This is Cody Still on Spook. I call
this his "thinking seat"
This is Cody Still on
Spook rolling up his