Lucky Pictures
Some of Lucky's Offspring
This is an example for all the
folks who want that colored foal
and don't think that they shed
out darker as they mature and
lose that baby foal hair. The
picture on the left is Lucky as a
yearling in early spring 1997.
The picture on the right is Lucky
as a two year old in the spring of
1998. What a difference in color
that good nutrition and care can
Pics below are of Luckys Hustler a 2002 Cremello Stallion by Lucky who made a finished
cutter . We purchased Hustler back in spring of 2010 and have gelded him. He is going to
make us a riding horse.
Pic below is of 2 of Lucky's Offspring, Ima
Peppy Outlaw and Lucky Genuine
Cowboy, at Buffalo River Campground in
TN in May of 2005. As you can see they
make excellent laid back riding horses.
Pics below are of Lucky Chance a 2003 Palomino Stallion by Lucky when he was being  broke to ride. Isn't he
We purchased Chance back fall of 2008 and have gelded him. He is now Wes' main riding horse.
Shesa Peppy Carlie- 2003 Red Dun filly
by Lucky. Wes broke her out to ride for
her new owner in January 2006. She
saddled up and rode the first day- no
problems. No buck whatsoever and
loved the attention. Every Lucky baby
is like this.
as a two year old. Below pics are of him as
a 3 year old on trail. He is one gorgeous
3 Lucky Babies at a ride on May 6, 2007. Kid
on the left, Cisco in the middle and Cowboy on
the right.
Shesa Wimpy Cricket and Luckys Raindancer
both now reside on GA. Isn't this a sweet pis of
two sisters;)
These are Lucky Grandbabies. As you can see the genetics are strong and seem
to pass down from one generation to the next.
Pics below are of Luckys Lil Scout a 2004 Sorrel Stallion by Lucky. Isn't he gorgeous!
Pics below are of Pocos Lucky Kid a 2005 Dun Gelding by Lucky who is a awesome
family horse and has made a great Cowboy Mounted Shooting Horse.
Lucky May 2010 in his turnout. Not the
best pic but you can see how he has
matured, thickened and filled out.
Lucky 2011
This is Cowboy, one of our Lucky Geldings. He was pulled
straight off pasture, after a couple years with no riding, and we
took him to an obstacle course. He did everything asked of him
with no spookiness or problems.