Lucky is the reason that we have so many palomino horses, he made us appreciate the
beauty of the palomino color. He is a beautiful golden color that stays dark year round,
with four white feet. He is very intelligent and learns extremely quickly.He also has
beautiful confirmation and is very muscular. As you can see in his pedigree he has a
total of 12 palominos on his five generation pedigree, 13 including himself. This makes
him a high dilute color producer. Which means he is very likely to throw palominos, and
buckskins. We cross him on all types of mares, because he produces those nice dilute
colors that everyone wants with a super easy going disposition. Most of his foals have
three or four white feet- mainly high stockings- and have the most gentle dispositions.
We are very proud of them. As for his papers he is a grandson of
Wimpy Don, who
had money earnings in NCHA, and the original
Wimpy P-1 is only 2 steps off of his
papers. He is also
Leo and Skipper W bred on the bottom. His first colts have exceled
in the show ring so far placing in halter. Then we went to riding them and WOW, we
found their niche. These foals are unbeatable for a quiet, laid back trail horses. Even the
youngest 2 year olds are good for kids to ride. They are just bombproof! Everyone who
has a riding age colt off of him can't believe how atheletic and easily trained they are.
His foals are being trained for performance events and we can't wait to see how they
do. He is registered in the National Foundation Quarter Horse Association with a
percentage of 89% foundation.  His babies are as beautiful and as smart as he is.
Dark Golden
Smart and Athletic
Lucky's oldest foal
crop, from 2002, are
now in various training
and are doing great.
The are riding,
reining, and cutting
and are making
superior atheletes that
learn easily. Several
are quiet kids' horses.
Lucky produces a high percentage of cremello and perlino foals off of palomino and buckskin mares. If you
are looking to breed your mare and try to get a cremello or perlino foal-- then Lucky is the sire
for you. He has been crossed to 2 palomino mares and 3 buckskin mares in the past and has
produced 2 cremellos and 3 perlinos off of these mares. Only 1 time has he been crossed to a
palomino mare and produced a palomino foal.
The importance of Lucky to our breeding program is profound. He CONSISTENTLY
produces quiet, good looking, easy going, gentle mannered foals that make excellent
riding and kids horses. Every one of his babies is a joy to handle and work with and
everyone that owns one is proud of it. Take a look at his offspring page to see what
awesome family horses that Lucky produces.