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2007 Foals Page 3
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Take a look at those cool pewter
colored eyes!!
Willow at 24 hours old already
practicing her sliding stop for reining;)
New Pics Posted 7-10-07
This pic is of two brothers! That's Shooter and
my coming 2 year old gelding,
This Dudes
Wylee. Don't they make a pretty pair!!
at 11:50 pm. Cherry red sorrel colt with a small star and strip and no white
feet. This one is going to look JUST LIKE his momma. He has the same build
as her, the same shape in his head and face, the same attitude, it's like she
cloned herself. He is sweet and spirited all at the same time and going to be
one nice horse.
His sire is
Coltons Cowboy whose sire is Peppys Boy 895 by Peppy San Badger
by a daughter of
Maxi Lena by Doc O Lena. Cowboys sire and dam have a
combined total earnings of over $130,000 themselves.
Then his dam is
San Jameen, our very own daughter of Mr San Peppy(AQHA
Hall of Fame and NCHA World Champion, COA, Superior in Performance, 161
AQHA Points and over $107,000 in earnings) and is a grandaughter of
Prescription (NCHA Money earner, ROM, 16 AQHA Points) and great
grandaughter of
Buddy Dexter (11 AQHA Points and sire of Cutter Bill)on the
She has produced foals off of
Smart Little Lena, Docs Oak, Freckles Floyd, SR
, etc... AND she has produced NCHA money earners off of these
We bought this mare in foal in 2004. She had had a foal every year before we
bought her so we felt safe in purchasing an older mare. Then guess what? She
did not cycle that year(2004) or the next year(2005). We finally got her to cycle
in 2006 and this is what we got. We are so thankful for this little one. He is
bright eyed and healthy and Jamie is feeling good and loving her new little one.
We plan to keep him and hopefully promote him in a performance event when
he is older.
Click here to see his pedigree.  
These two pics are of Lexi at a few hours
old. The sun is fading her now but I
believe she will be back this dark again
when she sheds.
Reno was orphaned on May 29th, 2007. His dam passed away within a few hours of her starting to show
us signs of being uncomfortable, she went from a totally normal day, to being in some pain, to being in a
lot of pain and finally she laid down and passed away. It all happened very quickly and within a few
hours time. She will be missed;( We loved the old gal and hated to see her suffer at all.
Reno seems to be fine and was already eating and drinking with her all the time. He will be barn kept for
awhile until I get him halter broke, and then we will turn him back out to play with his buddies. He has
been a trooper and we are so happy to have this one last foal off of Gen.
Senors Silver Lariat(AQHA Registered)- Born April 27, 2007 at 9:45 pm.
Buckskin stud colt with a small star.
We bred
Tin Doc Girl last year to a local stallion that is 27 years old this year named
Senor Solano. We bred this mare this way because she is a half sister to the dam of
Classy Solano( which is Candi's personal riding horse) and has been a stand out
gelding in every way. When we crossed Holly to Senor, the foal would genetically be a
almost full brother to Classy Solano. Then later on we came to find out that Holly was
the only mare that he got in foal at all last year.  We had our fingers crossed and were
be for sale. He will probably be the very last foal by Senor who is a son of
Doc's Solano
and a grandson of
Senor George. They just don't make them like him anymore.
On the bottom side he is by
Tin Doc Girl, she is a daughter of Tin Doc Holly(NCHA
money earner) by
Tinhorn Doc (Sire of NCHA money earners and AQHA
Performance Point Earners) and is
Poco Tivio (AQHA Champion Cutter, COA, NCHA
money earner of $11,000+, ROM) and
Doc Bar (sire of 27 AQHA Superior
Performance Champions, AQHA Hall of Fame) bred on top. On bottom she is a
grandaughter of
Peeping Bo Badger(NCHA Money Earner) by Peppy San Badger
(AQHA Hall of Fame, World Champion Cutter, ROM, 41 AQHA Performance Points,
COA, NCHA Earnings of $172,000+) and is a great grandaughter of
Prescription.(NCHA Money Earner, ROM, 16 AQHA Perf. Points) She has produced
foals off of Kit Dual and Smarts Are Better(both NCHA earners).
This one will be a riding gelding for us one day. What a blessing that we received when
he was born healthy and happy.
Click here to see his pedigree.
Pics Posted 12-7-07
This is my favorite pic of Mystic.
Taken 5-1-07
7-24-07 Willow has now been
weaned, halter broke and gone to
live with her new owner.
New Pics Posted 7-10-07
New Pics Posted 9-7-07
New Pics Posted 9-7-07
New Pics Posted 12-7-07
New Pics Posted 12-7-07
This is Willow with my 7 year old niece.
Willow was so gentle that Carolann did most
of the work and halter breaking her. They
made a cute pair:)
7-24-07 Ruger has now been weaned,
halter broke and gone to live with
his new owner.
Ruger under halter. He was
sooo nice. Miss him already.
Ruger decided to be a buckskin roan.
This is a close up pic of his roan hair
coming out. How cool is he? Too cool.
Rare color and perfect disposition.
What a combination;)
7-24-07 Mystic has now been
weaned, halter broke, and turned
Take a look at that baby blue eye.
How cool is that;)
New Pics Posted 12-7-07
8-7-07 Lexi has now been weaned  
halter broke, and turned back out.
8-7-07 Reno has been halter broke
and turned back out.
8-16-07 Rawhide has been weaned,
halter broke, and turned back out.
9-24-07 Shooter has now been
weaned, halter broke and gone to
live with Darren and Dianne.
10-16-07 Lariat has now been
weaned, halter broke and turned
back out.