The foundation of a breeding program begins with your quality of mares. We have spent years purchasing/culling, breeding and
raising our own, and just overall perfecting our mare band and believe that we have one of the best group of mares for producing
quality, brains, athleticism, and beauty that you will find in one location.    Take a look and judge for yourself.  Let me introduce you
to our ladies..........
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Anita San Badger(Peaches)- AQHA/NFQHA 85%
2000 Red Dun mare. Peaches has an old injury to her chest muscle, which does not cause her any problems or lameness but we assume
because of this accident that she was never broke to ride. She is a daughter of
Days San Badger(NCHA Certificate of Achievement) and she is
a grandaughter of
Peppy San Badger(AQHA Hall of Fame, World Champion Cutter, ROM, 41 AQHA Points, COA, NCHA Earnings of
$172,711) and a great grandaughter of
Docs Lynx(NCHA money earner of $9,000+, COA, sired Hall of Fame offspring, World Champion
Offspring, Superior Performers, AQHA Point Earners and NCHA and NRHA money earners of over $5 million) on top. On bottom she is a
grandaughter of
Senor Solano(NCHA money earner of $2,500+) by Doc's Solano(AQHA Champion, ROM, NCHA money earner and AQHA
Point Earner, sire of AQHA Champions, Superior Performers, NRHA, NCHA, and NRCHA earners) and a great grandaughter of
(AQHA Hall of Fame, NCHA World Champion, Superior Performance, NCHA earnings of $60,000+, sire of Superior Performers and
AQHA Champions) Plus she has King Ranch breeding through
El Pobre(ROM, NCHA money earner), and Anita Chica(Earner of 199 AQHA
Points)  Sweet, gentle mare.  We loved her performance and foundation bloodlines and look forward to many years to come raising high
quality foals off of her.

Click here to see her pedigree.
Click here to see more pics of Peaches' and her previous foals.  
Frecks Wimpy Josie(Josie) AQHA/NFQHA 83%
2001 Sorrel mare that is a grandaugther of
Freckles Playboy (World Champion
Cutter, ROM, NRHA money earner, NCHA Earnigs of $60,000+, sire of Hall of Fame and World Champion offspring, Superior Performance,
NCHA, NRHA money and point earnes.) Her sire is
Freck Chex Rio (sired point and money earners in cutting and reining and a Reserve
Youth World Champion Cutter.) She is also a grandaughter of
Doc Star Chex (NCHA money earner in excess of $64,000+, COA, Bronze,
Silver, dam of performers earning over $304,000) by
Doc Bar (sire of 27 AQHA Performance Champions, AQHA Hall of Fame) on top. On
bottom she is a great grandaughter of
Wimpy Don (NCHA money earner), and also has Revenue(sire of AQHA Champions, and NCHA money
earners) and
Bert (#5 all time leading sire of AQHA Champion Mares) breeding. This young mare is off of my original mare, Star, and she is
as classy and cute as they come. We have several of her half sisters in our herd, including Dusti, and Stardust. Great combination of old and
new bloodlines to make a super performance horse.

Click here to see her pedigree.
Click here to see more pics of Josie and her foals.
Miss So Martin(Jessie)- AQHA/NFQHA 92%
1998 Gray mare. Jessie is very broke to ride, is a finished team penning horse
and has won money in several events. Jessie is a great grandaughter of
Jessie James(1951 NCHA Reserve World Champion Cutting Horse,
NCHA Money Earnings $18,961.35; AQHA superior in cutting (121 points); 3 reining points, 1 halter point. Sired 1 AQHA champion, 10
halter point earners, 28 performance point earners, 16 performance roms, 1 race starter, 1 superior performance award.) and
(131 AQHA Performance Points Earned, Supreme Champion Superior Cutting , ROM Arena; NCHA $4,714.51; COA;.) She also has
Hollywood Gold one step off of her papers twice. And she goes back to King, Jim Harlan, Three Bars, and Poco Bueno. Jessie is a quiet mare, loves
to be groomed and petted. We have kept her 2011 blue eyed dun filly, Mea, to add back to our herd.

Click here to see her pedigree.
Click here to see more pics of Jessie.
Genuinely Delightful(Delight)- AQHA NFQHA 85%
2006 Seal Brown filly sired by Black to Basics(who is a
NCHA and AQHA money and point earner who has been shown by
amateurs and youth and is still being shown at age 14) and
Genuine Sal(deceased)our daughter of Genuine Doc. Her dam was 24 years old when she
foaled Delight and it was her first filly ever. Very small star and no other white markings. She is a grandaughter of
Mr San Peppy(AQHA Hall of
Fame and NCHA World Champion, COA, Superior in Performance, 161 AQHA Points and over $107,000 in earnings)on top and a grandaughter
Genuine Doc(Superior in Performance, ROM, 55 AQHA Points, NCHA money earner of $23,922, sire of earners of over $2,100,000 and 9,900
AQHA points) with
King P-234(AQHA Hall of Fame) right off of her papers on bottom. What a DELIGHT for us. Delight has finished her riding
and was quite athletic. We kept Delight's 2013 Blue Roan Filly, Velvet, to add back to our herd.

Click here to see her pedigree.
Click here to see more pics of Delight.
Candis Dusty Star(Stardust)- AQHA/NFQHA 85%
2006 Dark Golden Palomino Filly with a disconnected star, strip, and snip.
She has such a great set of papers with
Poco Bueno(AQHA Hall of Fame, AQHA Champion, ROM, sire of AQHA Superior Performers,
World Champions, Hall of Famers, and NCHA money earners),
Wimpy(AQHA Hall of Fame, sire of Superior Halter and Performance
Horses, AQHA Champions, NCHA money earners), Leo(AQHA Hall of Fame and Performance Point Earner, sire of Hall of Fame
Offspring, World Champion Offspring, Superior Halter and Performance, AQHA Champions),
Doc Bar(sire of 27 AQHA Champions, AQHA
Hall of Fame)
Docs Wrangler,(NCHA Money earner of $43,833+), King(AQHA Hall of Fame, sire of Superior Halter and Performers,
AQHA Champions, and AQHA money earners)
Peppy 212,(sire of ROM earners, Halter Point Earners, and Race money earners) Hollywood
(Sire of Hall of Fame offspring, Superior Performance, AQHA Champions, and NCHA money earners) Skipper W(sire of Superior
Halter and Performance Horses, AQHA Champions, ROM, and NCHA money earners),
Bert(#5 All Time Leading Broodmare sire of
AQHA Champions) and
Revenue (Sire of AQHA Champions, ROM earners, NCHA money earners, and AQHA Halter Point Earners) All
within the first 5 generations.
Not many out there that can pack them all in like she does. We can't believe our good fortune in having such a nice colored filly by one of
our best producing mares and the amazing stallion that we sold to Canada in 2005(Poco Torcido). So we will be keeping this filly as a
wonderfully bred replacement riding and then broodmare in the future. Stardust has finished up her riding and was very laid back.

Click here to see her pedigree.
Click here to see more pics of Stardust
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