My hobby (as you can probably tell) is researching bloodlines and
genetics in American Quarter Horses. I LOVE IT! I have spent the
past several years compiling my personal information and old
pictures into several webpages dedicated to the preservation of the
working quarter horse bloodlines. Over the years I have collected
anything that I could that was about the American Quarter Horse
and it's evolution into what it is today.  This info, articles,
advertisements, and old rarely seen pictures came from really old
quarter horse journals(my earliest is from 1953), cutting horse
chatters, foundation horse magazines, and anything else I could get
my hands on. I thought that maybe there were other folks out there
who would like to know more about their own horses' bloodlines or
about a certain horse's bloodlines that we or someone else may
have for sale. So here it all is. Everything that I have is already
listed, but I must say that, this is a work in progress and I plan on
adding and updating info as I receive it. Some of the bloodlines did
evolve from another bloodline, and I tried to keep them listed as
simple as possible.  If anyone out there has something that they
want to add to these pages you can email it to me and I will be glad
to add it.  Please enjoy and I look forward to any comments.  
Candace Still
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